Leanne Li, Wong Cho Lam mistakenly thought to be in Paris

Fans worried the couple were in danger after being uncontactable for 6 hours

Leanne Li

Hong Kong actress Leanne Li posted photos on Weibo that led fans to worry that she and her husband, actor and host Wong Cho Lam, had been in Paris over the Black Friday weekend, but the celeb couple later clarified they had returned from Europe days before and are in Hong Kong and China respectively.

Cho Lam took to Weibo to calm the situation: “Leanne posted those photos from days ago, and just a few hours afterwards the terrorist attacks took place. Reporters couldn’t get through to me because I had boarded an early flight for work.”

“I don’t wish to see any more tragedies like these. I pray that the victims will be at peace.”

The night before the terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday night local time, Leanne posted a selfie taken in front of the Eiffel Tower and a photo of her and Cho Lam at the Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome.

Worried fans thought Leanne and Cho Lam were in the French capital, and left comments on social media saying, “Are you two still in Paris? It’s too dangerous, be careful!” The couple could not be contacted by phone for hours.

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