Lee Hom denies trying to woo Tiffany Hsu 13 years ago

Singer reportedly held a torch for actress


Taiwanese-American singer Lee Hom, 39, has denied through his manager that he once courted Taiwanese actress Tiffany Hsu, 31, 13 years ago.

Recent rumours suggested that when Tiffany was filming the music video for Lee Hom’s single ‘Shangri-La’ in late 2003, the singer tried desperately to woo her to no avail. Even when she began her eight-year romance with actor Ethan Ruan, Lee Hom wouldn’t give up.

Tiffany’s manager denied the rumours too, saying, “Where is all this gossip coming from? After they shot the music video they went their separate ways, and there was no further need to stay in touch.”


Lee Hom and Tiffany appeared together on Monday at an event promoting Clash of Kings, a role-playing multiplayer war game, in which they portray the King and Queen, respectively.

Asked how they felt meeting again after 13 years, both said, “Nothing has changed.” But after the event ended, only Lee Hom appeared for the media interview. Tiffany took off early, citing work reasons.

Tiffany split from Ethan in March 2015. Lee Hom married Lee Jinglei in 2013 and their daughter, Jiali, was born the following year. The couple are expecting their second child now.

Photos: PBE Media

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