Lee Hom’s throat infection caused by insecticide inhalation

The cause of Lee Hom’s six months long throat problem has been revealed 

Lee Hom’s throat infection caused by insecticide inhalation
Due to his throat problem as previously reported, Mandopop superstar Lee Hom has not performed in six months. The cause of the infection, which has yet to be completely cleared, was recently exposed by the Taiwanese media.

According to sources, Lee Hom held a meeting with his staff at FiFi Tea House Lounge in Taipei, before the release of his album Your Love in January this year. The meeting extended past the shop’s opening hours and the owner had agreed to let the group stay on.

However, a staff member suddenly started spraying insecticide in the shop without notifying the guests, leading to Lee Hom’s accidental inhalation of the chemical product. The multi-hyphenate then began to cough badly, with traces of bleeding in his throat. Since then, Lee Hom has halted all commercial performances.

In response to claims that the shop owner refused to make compensation payment, Lee Hom’s manager clarified that it was “just a small accident” and that there are “no issues” between both parties.

Lee Hom’s manager also added that the singer is the midst of exploring the different parts of the industry. The multi-talented artiste’s upcoming projects include a new TV programme in China, as well as a new self-directed movie.

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