Lee Hom’s wife throws him surprise birthday party

The singer celebrated his 40th birthday with a huge party


Months after Lee Hom arranged a surprise party for his wife, Lee Jinglei’s, birthday, the missus returned the favour and threw the Taiwanese singer a spectacular surprise bash on his 40th birthday on Monday. 

Jinglei, who is currently pregnant with the couple’s second child, planned the party for one and a half months, which included an impressive guest list. Harlem Yu, Kevin Tsai, David Tao, Jerry Yan, Jaycee Chan, Dee Hsu and her husband, Blackie Chen and Christine Fan were just some of the celebrity friends who turned up for the celebrations.


When Lee Hom returned from work on Monday, he entered the house only to hear David playing the piano and leading all the guests present to sing ‘Happy Birthday’, leaving him “stunned” and speechless.

After the party, Lee Hom took to Facebook to express his gratitude. “Friends! So important! So precious! I was really so happy tonight, to be able to celebrate turning 40 with all my treasured friends. My wife has been keeping me in the dark for so many months, and has never spilled the beans. In the end, it turns out that she has always been planning this secretly! Thank you Jinglei for planning all this! When I came back from work today, I was so stunned, I couldn’t say a word! [There were] so many people at home [waiting] to surprise me.”


Photos: PBE Media

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