Lee Hom shows his love for his wife

The actor shared a loving picture of his wife and daughter


On Sunday, Lee Hom posted a picture of his wife, Lee Jinglei, carrying their daughter on a beach.

In his caption, the singer extolled the virtues of maternal love: “Even with a pregnant stomach, she’ll still carry you up. That’s the love of a mother for you. Wishing Mama Wang 1 and Mama Wang 2 a Happy Mother’s Day.”

In the picture, Jinglei, who is currently pregnant with the couple’s second child is dressed in a long dress and carrying Jiali, who has her head on Jinglei’s shoulder. Jiali is also dressed in a swimsuit, showing that the soon-to-be family of four had celebrated Mother’s Day with a day out at the beach.

Fans also left comments on Lee Hom’s post wishing Jinglei a safe pregnancy. A fan also commented that even on Mother’s Day, Lee Hom still remembers to show his love for his wife.

Photos: PBE Media

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