Lee Hom would “inform everyone” when he becomes a father again

The Taiwanese-American singer gave an open answer as to whether his wife is pregnant again

Lee Hom would “inform everyone” when he becomes a father again

Taiwanese-American multi-hyphenate Lee Hom Wang made a promise yesterday that he would definitely share the happy news with the public should his wife Li Jinglei be pregnant again.

The pair has been nicknamed the role model of celebrity couples after tying the knot in 2013 and Jinglei giving birth to their first daughter, Wang Jiali, in July last year.

In January this year, less than six months after Jinglei had delivered, she was speculated to be pregnant with their second child after witnesses claimed that she sported a “baby bump”.

Rumours resurfaced last Sunday as Jinglei, who has a penchant for heels, unexpectedly wore a pair of flats when she accompanied Lee Hom for a visit to a child care centre in Chongqing.

Moreover, Lee Hom fuelled speculations by posting a family photo taken during his birthday celebration party at Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan on Monday, in which he was seen placing his hand on Jinglei’s belly, as though hinting her pregnancy.

Lee Hom would “inform everyone” when he becomes a father again

When asked to clarify if the couple are expecting their second child during a product launch of a Japanese mattress brand yesterday, the 39-year-old gave an ambiguous reply, saying “I’ll keep you updated when I have some good news,” and gave a cheeky smile.

Then, Lee Hom swiftly diverted the attention, claiming that he has begun to value sleep better after his marriage. He jested, “After a night’s sleep, I feel all charged up. I’ll be full of energy and ‘all fired up’.”

Fans present at the event were also concerned about the singer’s health, as he was previously instructed by his doctors to refrain from singing due to a throat infection. Lee Hom reassured them that he is feeling better, but admitted frankly, “I am very particular about my voice. I can’t say that I have recovered fully, but it definitely feels better. Though it’s not in the best condition, it is slowly recovering.”

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