Lee Wei’s intimate bedroom photos with ex-girlfriend exposed

Yao Di was labeled as a third party again, for coming between Lee Wei and his ex-girlfriend Tiffany Yang

Lee Wei’s intimate bedroom photos with ex-girlfriend exposed

Following the reports about Taiwanese actor-singer Lee Wei and Chinese actress Yao Di’s new love affair, there came an outburst of intimate bedroom photos posted by netizens yesterday that showed Lee Wei in nothing but his boxers.

The photos were taken by an unidentified woman and even showed her leg resting near his shoulder in one of the pictures.

Netizens suspected that Lee Wei’s ex-girlfriend Yang Zi Qing (Tiffany) was unhappy and jealous about her ex-boyfriend’s new love and decided to leak old photos from when they were together.

When questioned, Lee Wei’s agency said that they will not discuss about their artiste’s private life and did not confirm the 34-year-old’s relationship status. However, a representative did reveal that the woman in the photo was not Tiffany and claimed that it is “just a friend” whom Lee Wei allowed to stay at his place.

The representative continued to say that the photos were secretly taken and that they don’t know the specific details of what happened. Yao Di’s representative also expressed that they “don’t really know what happened”.

Due to the secrecy of the issue, netizens suspect Yao Di, 33, to be a third wheel in Lee Wei and his ex-girlfriend Tiffany’s relationship. However, Lee Wei confessed on Weibo last night that he is currently pursuing Yao Di: “I’m single, but I’m currently wooing Yao Di. I really like her, is that so wrong? I’m so sorry to have unreasonably dragged Yao Di into this! Nobody knows where these came from.”

Lee Wei’s intimate bedroom photos with ex-girlfriend exposed

Shortly after Lee Wei made his Weibo post, Tiffany posted a photo showing her holding his hand and cutting his nails, confirming speculations that she is the mystery woman behind the release of their old photos. She captioned, “Thank you, after all this time, I’m just someone who got played [by you]… Thank you for helping me realise that. Go ahead and chase your next love!”

When Tiffany and Lee Wei dated last year, sources state that Lee Wei tried to help Yao Di out of depression after she was revealed to be the third party in Chinese actors Wen Zhang and Ma Yili’s marriage. Tiffany and Lee Wei’s relationship went downhill subsequently after the actor started developing feelings for his co-star, Yao Di, when they worked together in a new drama series.

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