Leo Ku pledges to hold wedding banquet this year

The Hong Kong pop singer feels sorry towards his wife for delaying their wedding banquet

Leo Ku pledges to hold wedding banquet this year
Hong Kong pop singer Leo Ku promised recently that he would definitely hold a wedding banquet this year.

The 42-year-old had tied the knot with his assistant-cum-girlfriend Lorraine Chan in Las Vegas last July. However, close to 7 months of being legally married, the couple has not held a wedding banquet to celebrate their marriage to date.

At a product launch event on Tuesday, Leo expressed his remorse and promised that that he would not allow his work commitments to delay the banquet date any further.

“I would definitely hold it this year. We were married last year so it makes no sense to delay it till next year. I hope I won’t have to wait till the end of the year to hold it as I would feel bad towards my wife. However, I’m glad that she is my work partner and can tolerate with my erratic work schedule.”

The Cantopop wonder, who was both a host and contestant on the Chinese singing programme I Am a Singer 3, was eliminated last week after putting up a strong fight against tough competitors.

On his elimination, Leo thanked his fans and friends for their support and said that he is not saddened by the results. When asked if he would choose to belt high notes for his revival round (a tactic believed to help a contestant garner more votes), Leo admitted, “I haven’t given much thought about my song choice, but this show has gained me a lot of attention.”

“Not only am I invited to do a concert tour, I have also received several film casting offers,” he said joyfully.
Leo also expressed his delight of having more hand on time to rest during the Lunar New Year period. He is also said to be going on a trip with his wife to celebrate Valentine’s Day and would return to Hong Kong to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

The newly-minted husband and father-of-one even joked on his plans of giving out red packets. “It’s my first year giving out red packets as both a married man and a father, so I have doubled the amount. I would definitely stay in Hong Kong to give them out graciously.”

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