Leon Lai’s Hong Kong concerts plagued by misfortune

Singer apologises to fans for tech glitch


Hong Kong singer–actor Leon Lai, 49, painstakingly planned a series of nine concerts at Hong Kong’s Central and Western District Promenade, but the shows were plagued by misfortune, leading Leon to lament, “So many accidents have happened since leaving the Hong Kong Coliseum.”

The first of the singer’s “Leon 30th Anniversary Random Love Songs In 4D Live 2016” concert series, on April 28, was cancelled just 2 hours before showtime because tentages surrounding the stage had failed to meet fire safety standards.

The April 29 concert proceeded without incident, but during Leon’s fourth show a curtain couldn’t be raised, leaving a portion of the audience cut off from the performance stage.


Leon had to keep the show going, so he read aloud the lyrics to his 1992 song ‘Wishing You Won't Leave Tonight,’ and his fans sang along.

Afterwards, when technicians came out to fix the glitch, Leon apologised for the mishap and asked his fans not to worry. “Why don’t you have a chat with the strangers sitting next to you?” he said to the audience. “Just don’t leave your seats.”


Photos: PBE Media

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