Li Chen celebrates Valentine’s Day with Fan Bingbing in Shanghai

The rumoured couple reportedly went on a three-day staycation at a hotel in Shanghai

Li Chen celebrates Valentine’s Day with Fan Bingbing in Shanghai
Chinese actress Fan Bingbing was recently revealed to have celebrated Valentine’s Day with her rumoured boyfriend Li Chen with a three-day, two-night hotel staycation in Shanghai.

According to Chinese media reports, the 33-year-old actress is one of the panellists of a talent show and was scheduled for a filming session on Valentine’s Day.

When asked how she had planned to spend her Valentine’s Day earlier on, Bingbing replied jokingly, “I will definitely spend it with two handsome men (fellow panellists Zhou Libo and Sa Beining) as we will be filming the show for the entire day.”

While she was tied down with work that day, Li Chen was seen boarding a flight in the wee hours from Beijing to Shanghai, where Bingbing’s filming took place.

Once he had reached, Li Chen reportedly walked out of the airport terminal briskly and took off in a lavish car, which was already parked at the side to anticipate his arrival.

The actor was said to have taken several detours before finally reaching Putong Shangri-La, the hotel where Bingbing had stayed in while working in Shanghai.

The rumoured couple was speculated to meet up on the night of Valentine’s Day and witnesses claimed they did not step out of the hotel the next day.

It was only till the morning of Feb 16 when they ended their three-day meet-up, where Li Chen boarded a car first and headed to the airport swiftly at 6 a.m. while Bingbing and her assistant followed shortly after at 9 a.m.

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