Li Chen: Fan Bingbing is not a third party in my previous relationship

The Chinese actor clarified that he and Fan Bingbing were not attached when they began dating

Li Chen: Fan Bingbing is not a third party in my previous relationship

Chinese actors Fan Bingbing and Li Chen have caused a stir online after confirming their relationship last week. Apart from blessings from netizens and celebrity friends, the newly minted pair had also received spiteful comments from Li Chen’s former girlfriend, Chinese actress Zhang Xinyu.

On Monday, a Weibo user, who addressed herself as Xinyu’s close friend, also spoke up for her friend by alleging that Bingbing was a third party in Li Chen’s previous relationship.

She claimed that Li Chen and Xinyu still had feelings for each other after they officially broke up in 2013 and even patched up their relationship despite “dating rumours of Li Chen and Bingbing had surfaced”.

The pair had reportedly been cohabiting in Xinyu’s home and even till last October, Xinyu frequently visited Li Chen’s home to dine with his parents. Li Chen is said to have “even purchased a ring in hopes of proposing to Xinyu”, but Bingbing had brought the romance to an end.

Addressing the malicious claims, Li Chen clarified on Weibo on Monday night, “Bingbing and I were single when we decided that we wanted to date”.

He also countered the user’s claim by pointing out that Xinyu had first cheated on him. “I have ended my relationship with Xinyu at the moment when I found out that she had an affair. Since then, we have never maintained any form of contact with each other.”

Bingbing also supported her boyfriend’s stance and praised him for being a caring man in an interview yesterday. She quipped, “Li Chen is the real life version of the mix between Guo Jing (fictional hero from Louis Cha’s The Legend of the Condor Heroes) and Da Bai (Baymax from Big Hero 6).”

Netizens also supported the couple by posting a sweet photo of Bingbing perching on Li Chen’s shoulders while resting during a flight. The couple also held their hands throughout the journey, leading netizens to compliment that they are “overloaded with sweetness”. 

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