Li Chen marks a year since going public with romance

Pictures of Li Chen and Fan Bingbing’s villa in Qingdao were revealed as well


Chinese power couple Li Chen and Fan Bingbing first revealed their relationship on May 29 last year, with the actor posting a picture of the couple on his Weibo account, captioning it “Us”. The actress, who once hid under a tablecloth to avoid questions about her relationship status, then reposted the post on her personal account, confirming their relationship.

At around 9pm on Sunday, Li Chen took to his Weibo to mark the one year anniversary of their reveal, writing, “This very day last year, held no meaning, but took on a beautiful tint due to you. Love is a form of talent, and kindness, a habit,” the actor wrote, thanking Bingbing and the public for their acceptance of his relationship.


The 37-year-old accompanied his post with a picture of a pair of “couple trees” that grew side-by-side, with their leaves turning different colours in autumn, with one tree turning yellow, and the other green, making for a wondrous sight.

Additionally, a Weibo user recently uploaded pictures of the couple’s villa in Qingdao, China, claiming that the villa was so huge, “Bingbing needs to call Li Chen on her phone in order to locate him when she wakes up.”


While the authenticity of the pictures has not been verified, the photos were widely considered as reliable at press time, with netizens taking it as a sign that the couple are set to tie the knot soon.


Photos: PBE Media

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