Li Chen’s dream hint of upcoming nuptials with Fan Bingbing?

Actor’s tale of interplanetary travel contains telling symbolism

Li Chen, Fan Bingbing

Most girls dream of meeting a knight on a white charger. Chinese actress Fan Bingbing just wants a prince in a white shirt.

The actress posted on Weibo on Sunday that her boyfriend, actor Li Chen, shared a recent dream of his with her, giving their fans the impression that the two will marry before long.

Fan Bingbing Weibo

“Mr Li said he dreamed of me last night, that I was an alien princess on the run,” Bingbing wrote. “After evading capture, I landed on Earth and went about selecting a husband. And I picked him out of tens of thousands of candidates, because he looked the best in the white shirts they were all wearing.”

The symbolism in Li Chen’s dream didn’t escape fans’ notice, and many left comments asking about their marriage. “Is this the prelude to the wedding announcement?” they wrote.

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