Li Chen saves Fan Bingbing from a nasty fall

Li Chen posted Fan Bingbing’s red carpet blunder online with a flirty comment and she shot one right back

Fan Bingbing fell into her boyfriend’s arms

Chinese actress-singer Fan Bingbing and her actor boyfriend Li Chen attracted the media’s attention yesterday when the red carpet regular lost her balance and fell.

Although they were both present at a press conference event in Shanghai yesterday, the couple did not walk the red carpet as a pair and did not even sit together. It was only when the celebrities were invited on stage for a toast that they finally stood side by side.

As the two headed down the staircase to return to their seats, they were lovingly holding hands and walking off the stage when 33-year-old Bingbing suddenly fell forward and startled Li Chen, whose immediate reaction was to shoot his arm out to grab his girlfriend, saving her from a painful landing.

Fan Bingbing fell into her boyfriend’s arms

The graceful actress ended up going down on one knee and appeared to be proposing to Li Chen for a moment. Then, the two stood up and smiled at each other, laughing it off casually.

After the incident, 36-year-old Li Chen posted a few photos of her fall on his Weibo and flirtatiously captioned: “My girlfriend suddenly went on her knees and scared me to death… I can only say one thing: Her swinging hair still looked gorgeous as she fell.”

Bingbing cheekily responded in a re-post with an angry face emoji, “Since you let everybody see my embarrassing moment, you can go ahead and kneel on a durian tonight!”

Fan Bingbing fell into her boyfriend’s arms

When netizens saw this, they left comments such as: “I’m going to report this public display of affection”, “That’s just their way of showing affection to each other” and “There’s a flirting couple on the loose, hurry up and catch them!”

Since Bingbing and Li Chen revealed their relationship on May 29, they have been inseparable and constantly showed their affection for each other. The couple has made appearances together at a charity event in Tibet and on a reality show together titled Challenger League.

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