Li Ronghao denies Rainie Yang invested in his work studio

Singer says his Young Music China is privately owned


Chinese singer Li Ronghao, 30, denied on Monday that Rainie Yang invested in his work studio. He issued a statement saying that his Young Music China was privately owned and received no money from any individual or company.

He added that he was still on good terms with Warner Music Group, his record label, and they were working together on a new series of concerts. He denied he was striking out on his own.

Rainie, Ronghao’s rumoured girlfriend, expressed through her manager that she did not invest her personal savings in Ronghao’s venture.

Ronghao was reportedly upset with Warner Music for favouring Singapore singer JJ Lin over him, which encouraged him to set up his own studio, a move that Rainie supported, according to Taiwanese media.

Even though the Taiwanese singer hands most of her income over to her mother, she was still rumoured to have invested her personal savings in Ronghao’s Young Music China.

The couple have been dating for about a year, even though neither has confirmed their relationship.

Rainie Yang reportedly invested personal savings in beau Li Ronghao 

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