Li Ronghao’s ambiguous birthday wish for Rainie Yang

Rainie Yang turned 31 yesterday and fans suspect that Li Ronghao’s unaddressed birthday wish was for her

Li Ronghao’s ambiguous birthday wish for Rainie Yang

Yesterday was Taiwanese actress-singer Rainie Yang’s 31st birthday and she posted a youthful-looking selfie on Weibo of herself with the peace sign.

Her rumoured boyfriend, Chinese singer-songwriter Li Ronghao, posted an ambiguous birthday wish on Weibo yesterday morning without saying to whom the blessing was meant for, causing fans to speculate that his post was directed at Rainie.

Ronghao, 29, posted an intimate cheek-to-cheek selfie with Rainie in early February, but hurriedly deleted it. Additionally, Rainie denied their relationship and said that he is just a “good friend” she “can talk to”. However, observant netizens conclude that they have been indirectly interacting through their Weibo posts.

A few days ago, Rainie attended an event and admitted that she is “very happy now” and “will not lie about this”.

However, when asked about when she’ll be announcing the good news, she calmly replied, “We’ll only publicise it if we’re getting married”, revealing that marriage is on the cards for them.

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