Li Yapeng faces hair loss problems

Netizens were shocked by recent photos of the Chinese actor

Li Yapeng faces hair loss problems

Chinese actor Li Yapeng attended a good friend’s wedding in Chengdu last weekend. Netizens were shocked by Yapeng’s balding problems after photos of the actor taken at the banquet circulated online.

From the photos, Yapeng appears to have lost most of the hair on the back of his head. Although the 43-year-old wore a smile in the pictures, netizens commented that Yapeng’s thinning hair made him look older than his age.

Some fans also pointed out that the actor seemed troubled in recent photos, whereas his ex-wife Faye Wong, who has reunited with Nicholas Tse, has been glowing with bliss.

“Yapeng appears to be dispirited, ever since his divorce. The sign of Faye’s ex-lover is ‘balding’,” a netizen wrote. 

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