Lin Chi-ling buys men’s climbing shoes for her big feet

Actress appears to have moved house


Photos: PBE Media

Taiwanese actress and model Lin Chi-ling, 41, displayed the new climbing shoes she had purchased for her appearance on the second season of Chinese travel reality programme Sisters Over Flowers.

Chi-ling bought the shoes in men's sizes because she had big feet, she explained with a laugh.

The actress let camera crew into what appeared to be her new home while filming for Sisters Over Flowers; she had opened her home to a house tour on the first season of the programme.

In the video footage, she appeared in casual clothes and little make-up, looking quite dressed down compared to her official appearances at events.

The interior of Chi-ling’s new residence looks sleeker and more modern than her previous one, which had a Barbie pink rug and dining chairs.

Chi-ling and other actors will travel from Peru to the South Pole for Sisters Over Flowers’ second season. Filming began in mid-February.

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