Lin Chi-ling embroiled in international prostitution scandal

Taiwanese model among female celebs said to have been pimped out

Lin Chi-ling 1

Taiwanese top model and actress Lin Chi-ling has become the latest celebrity victim in the international prostitution scandal that’s taken Taiwan by storm.

Virginia Dai, reportedly the mastermind of the vice ring, said she had organised dinner engagements between Chi-ling and her clients.

The model swiftly denied this through her manager, and posted a message on Weibo that read: “That’s incredible, I don’t know this Ms Dai, please stop [spreading such rumours]!”

Lin Chi-ling 2

Chi-ling reiterated that she is a cleanliness freak and highly principled, and said being associated with the scandal is damaging to her character and reputation.

“With the positive energy I have, I will continue to work hard. Media friends, please stop speculating and making these reports,” she added.

The scandal erupted in late October when it was revealed that Virginia Dai, Johanne Liou and others had been organising newbie models and small-time actresses (but also some A-listers) and sending them overseas to keep male clients company. Those who refused to sleep with clients were threatened until they caved.

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