Lin Chi-ling hopes to find a good partner

Actress wonders aloud who would go South Pole with her


Taiwanese actress and model Lin Chi-ling, 41, said she hopes to find a quality partner this year.

During a press conference in Shanghai on Tuesday for the second season of travel reality show Sisters Over Flowers, Chi-ling and one of her co-stars, Chinese actress Song Dandan, talked about the show’s upcoming trip to South America, which will end at the South Pole.

Chi-ling said she looked forward to the South America trip, and added, “The South Pole is the southernmost point on Earth and it’s the farthest from anywhere else, so you’ll wonder what kind of partner would visit the place with you holding your hand.”

Dandan then said that she had vowed to find a match for Chi-ling this year and added that she had been worried about Chi-ling marital happiness since the first season of Sisters Over Flowers.

Chi-ling dated Taiwanese actor and singer Jerry Yan, 39, for six years until 2006, and she said late last year that she wasn’t averse to reuniting with Jerry.


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