Lin Chi-ling: I lost years of my youth to Jerry Yan

Actress admits to romance with singer


Taiwanese actress–model Lin Chi-ling, 41, admitted to her romance with actor–singer Jerry Yan, 39, and said she had lost seven or eight years of her youth to him.

While appearing yesterday on a talk show hosted by Taiwan’s Mickey Huang, Chi-ling was discussing former beaus when she implicitly confirmed her past relationships with Jerry and Taiwanese businessman Qiu Shi Kai.


Mickey expressed shock that Chi-ling had only ever dated three men, to which she replied, “Yeah, I saw each one for about seven or eight years, and that’s how I lost my youth. Each relationship lasted too long!” She then dabbed away tears from her eyes.

But regarding rumours that she might reconcile with Jerry or at least become friends with him again, Chi-ling didn’t give a clear response.

The former golden couple reportedly dated for six years until 2006.


Photos: PBE Media

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