Lin Chi-ling jokes about being unattached

The 40-year-old claims she has found the reason behind her lacklustre love life 

Lin Chi-ling jokes about being unattached

Taiwanese actress and top model Lin Chi-ling said that she would undertake less work in future to find her prince charming as soon as possible. Known for her poise and beauty despite turning 40 last year, Chi-ling successfully established her career as a model and is recently gaining recognition for her acting skills. However, the actress has had a quiet love life in recent years.

When asked if Chi-ling feels that men may prefer women who are more domineering and naughty, Chi-ling expressed shock and joking replied in a bitter tone, “Now I know where I have done wrong.”

Adding on, Chi-ling said she would turn into a docile woman for her other half when in a relationship. “I will be like a fool and submit to him, as I am more traditional in my thinking,” she admitted happily.

Apart from claiming that she does not know how to be ‘naughty’, Chi-ling also attributed her lack of relationship opportunities to her small social circle and limited chances to make new friends. Though Chi-ling gets along well with those around her, she has yet to find an ideal partner.

The 40-year-old also expressed her eagerness to settle down as she would reduce her workload in future to expand her social circle and place her emphasis on managing her social life better.

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