Lin Chi-ling ‘not averse’ to reconciling with Jerry Yan

Model says she’s still in contact with former beau

Jerry, Chi-ling

Taiwanese model and actress Lin Chi-ling, 41, said she’s open to getting back together with her former boyfriend Jerry Yan, 38.

Chi-ling was asked about the actor and singer’s rumoured new girlfriend, Taiwanese model Seanna Chang, while attending a real-estate promotional event in Shenzhen, China, on Friday. She replied that she still kept in contact with Jerry, and said, “We show concern to each other, but on the issue of reconciling you’ll have to ask him, though personally I’m not averse to it.”

Chi-ling added, “If I meet a suitable partner now, I will tell him how I feel.”

Afterwards, Jerry responded through his manager, saying, “Thank you all for your concern, and I look forward to sharing my happiness with everyone!”

Netizens were divided over these new developments: Some said Chi-ling was being aggressive because it’s widely suspected that Jerry is seeing Seanna, while others still reminisced about the days when Jerry and Chi-ling were Taiwan’s top celeb couple. They dated for six years until 2006.

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