Lin Chi-ling says ‘happy new year’ when asked about Jerry Yan

Actress doesn’t offer clues on a possible reunion


Taiwanese actress and model Lin Chi-ling, 41, gave very little away when she was asked whether she would initiate contact with former beau, actor and singer Jerry Yan, 39. Instead, she answered with, “Happy (Chinese) new year!”

Chi-ling appeared at the Shiatzy Chen boutique on Zhongshan North Road in Taipei yesterday and caused a minor disturbance, with the media tailing her and passers-by whipping out their smartphones to snap photos of her.

The actress is reportedly part of a trio, along with Hong Kong singer–actress Gigi Leung and Chinese fashion model Du Juan, set to perform at the annual CCTV New Year's Gala, so she is speculated to have been choosing her outfits for the show.

Asked whether she was selecting items or shopping, Chi-ling’s assistant said she was browsing and Chi-ling added she picked Shiatzy for its Eastern design elements.


The media quickly moved on to her love life and asked the actress whether she’d been in touch with Jerry, whom she dated for six years until 2006. Chi-ling wagged her finger at them and didn’t answer to the question. “How did you know I would be here? You guys are amazing,” she said.

The media tried again, asking whether Jerry stood a chance if he tried to win her back. Chi-ling only smiled and said, “Happy new year, thank you.”

After being rushed into a waiting car, Chi-ling waved to the media and said, “It’s been tough on you all, hurry and go have lunch!”

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