Lin Chi-ling shares her thoughts on turning 40

The Taiwanese supermodel posted a handwritten note on Weibo

Lin Chi-ling

Taiwanese supermodel Lin Chi-ling celebrated her 40th birthday on Saturday (Nov 29). To share her thoughts on reaching a new milestone, the actress-model posted a handwritten message on Weibo.

She wrote: “A pure and innocent heart at 10, positive and passionate at 20, young and charming at 30, wise and composed at 40. Actually, life is good at every stage.”

Besides expressing her gratitude for everyone’s well wishes, Chi-ling hopes for good health and well-being of her family and friends. “I hope to perform more good deeds and help more people while I have the ability to [do so],” she said.

After the post was published, many fans left comments to sing praises of Chi-ling’s age-defying looks. “She is incredibly well maintained!” a netizen exclaimed. 

Lin Chi-ling

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