Lin Feng-jiao and Jackie Chan won’t be present at Jaycee Chan’s release

The actor’s mother refrains from appearing in public while his father would be busy promoting his new film

Lin Feng-jiao and Jackie Chan won’t be present at Jaycee Chan’s release
Hong Kong actor and singer Jaycee Chan would not be seeing his parents Lin Feng-jiao and Jackie Chan in Beijing when he is released from jail next month. 

Jackie was revealed to have planned a tight schedule to promote his new action film Dragon Blade next month, travelling to Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Korea consecutively and Feng-jiao, on the other hand, wishes to maintain a low profile and would most likely refrain from meeting with her son when he is released.

The 33-year-old was placed in a public trial earlier this month (Jan 9) and given a 6-month jail term after he pleaded guilty to his crime of illegal marijuana abuse and possession found during a raid at his Beijing apartment last August.

Contrary to speculations about having to spend the Lunar New Year in jail, authorities had taken into consideration the time Jaycee had served in detention since last August and confirmed his release to be at the stroke of midnight on Feb 14.

The former actress also recently denied rumours that she had travelled to a famous temple in Beijing to pray for her son. Reports claimed that the 62-year-old prayed fervently for an early release for her son and even kowtowed ten thousand times for Jaycee to be blessed.

She also reprimanded the media for making these false claims of her without any evidence and wished that they would refrain from harassing and reporting about her in future.

Jaycee’s manager also emphasised that Jaycee’s mother had remained in Hong Kong ever since Jaycee was detained last August, dispelling rumours that Feng-jiao had visited her son in secret.

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