Lin Mei-hsiu: My husband did not cheat on me

The Taiwanese actress has faith in her husband despite talks of him two-timing her before they got married

Lin Mei-hsiu (left), Zhang Xi Ming (right)

Three days after Taiwanese actress Lin Mei-hsiu tied the knot with her cameraman beau, Zhang Xi Ming, in a flash marriage on Monday (Dec 1), it was revealed that he had reportedly cheated on her when they were dating.

The couple knew each other when they were filming movie The Wonderful Wedding (slated for a release in 2015) and dated for five months. But Xi Ming’s ex-girlfriend had reportedly written a post on Weibo in August about their break-up.

As Mei-hsiu and her husband, who is 14 years her junior, were already “together for more than two months” when they were spotted on a date this September, it led to talks that he was in two relationships at that time.

But the 47-year-old bride, who hopes to bear him a child soon, does not see that as infidelity and even praised Xi Ming for being down-to-earth.

“I know everything about his past,” she responded calmly to the news. As an insecure woman, Mei-hsiu had emphasised the need to be honest with each other about their pasts before getting married to protect herself from getting hurt.

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