Lin Mei-hsiu ties the knot with cameraman beau

The actress and her beau, who is 14 years her junior, registered their marriage yesterday

Lin Mei-hsiu

Taiwanese veteran actress Lin Mei-hsiu admitted yesterday to a flash marriage with her cameraman beau Zhang Xi Ming, who is 14 years her junior. The two have known each other for years but only got closer after working together for her latest movie The Wonderful Wedding (slated for a release in 2015).

It was when they were spotted on a date this September, Mei-hsiu, who had a non-existent love life for nearly a decade, went public with their relationship.

After the couple was seen at the registration office in Taiwan yesterday, the 47-year-old thespian admitted to tying the knot in a flash as “I have met the right person and I don’t want to miss him”.

The bride-to-be explained there was no special meaning to the date of registration and it was simply because the date was easy to remember.

She shared, “We kept a low profile but did not expect to be spotted,” adding that they will hold a wedding banquet thereafter. 

Lin Mei-hsiu (centre) and Zhang Xi Ming

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