Linda Chung debunks rumours of split with Philip Ng

The TVB actress insisted that all the reports about their relationship are false  

Linda Chung debunks rumours of split with Philip Ng
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Taking time out of their busy schedule in Singapore, TVB stars Kenneth Ma, Linda Chung, Vincent Wong and Rosina Lam updated the local media on their work and personal lives in a series of interviews last Friday.

Speaking to Toggle, Kenneth self-deprecatingly said that “he is not very busy lately” as he hasn’t been cast in dramas. However, the 41-year-old is happy to use the free time to engage in his favourite activities such as playing football. When asked on the reason for the decrease in opportunities, the actor simply commented that he leaves it to TVB to arrange his work.

At the same time, Linda chimed in to say that since Kenneth has been acting for so many years, he can afford to take things slowly and to enjoy the process. “Quality is more important than quantity, when it comes to our projects,” the actress added as Kenneth nodded in agreement.

Responding to the reports on several A-list actors including Ron Ng, Myolie Wu and Kate Tsui’s plans to leave TVB, both Kenneth and Linda let on that there “is still some time before their contracts end”. In Linda’s words, the future is filled with the unknown and it is difficult for her to judge whether she would renew her contract until the time comes. Nevertheless, the 31-year-old emphasised that she is on good terms with the company.

“There are changes to my mindset every year. When my contract is about to expire, I’d probably consider the company’s state of things and my own thinking,” Linda explained.

Comparing her relationship with TVB to a dating couple, the well-loved actress believes that if both sides are on the same frequency, then the partnership may continue. And if both sides lack understanding, they would need to rethink and communicate before making a decision – which seemed to be a reflection on her love life.

Linda Chung debunks rumours of split with Philip Ng

After being romantically linked for eight years, Linda and actor Philip Ng have never openly admitted to their romance. According to Hong Kong media, sparks flew between Linda and Ruco Chan following their collaboration in consecutive dramas Brother’s Keeper and All That Is Bitter Is Sweet. Apparently, the actress started seeing her co-star behind her boyfriend’s back which led to their break-up eventually. 

In a recent interview, Philip seemingly confirmed their split by stating that he has not been in contact with Linda, whom he referred to as a “normal friend”, for a period of time.

Linda took the opportunity to clarify on the rumours. “There are many different reports [on us]. Actually, those words weren’t said by us. The reports are false. The person that I am, the person that Philip is, everything they wrote about us are fake. I try to ignore them. The most important thing is that we both know what our relationship is,” she reiterated.

In her opinion, happiness is not about the things we possess but a state of mentality. “If you have something in front of you, and it makes you happy just by looking at it, that is happiness. Some people have everything – fame, money, power and lover – but they do not feel happy,” concluded the thespian. 

Kenneth Ma offers to play Linda Chung’s father

It has been 16 and 11 years since Kenneth and Linda respectively made their showbiz debut. Yet, the two artistes have never sparred their acting skills in a drama before. Even when they did act in the same show previously, they only had a few scenes together.

During the interview, both of them expressed their wish to work together for once. “Kenneth has a goody-two shoes image, but when I watch him act, he is able to capture the essence of many different roles. And he is very hard-working!” Linda said.

“Our appearances match well!” Kenneth laughed in reply, before jokingly adding that he could play Linda’s father. His suggestion was, however, met with objection from the actress.

As she has been acting in “too many tragic dramas and comedies”, Linda hopes to play lovers with Kenneth, an idea which the actor agreed with. Additionally, the actress also commented that most romance-themed series lack depth these days and thus, she is more interested in portraying a love story that is heartfelt and profound.

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Limelight Years (starring Linda Chung) is currently airing on VV Drama (StarHub TV Channel 855), every Monday to Friday at 8pm.
Lord Of Shanghai (starring Kenneth Ma) will premiere on TVB First On Demand (StarHub TV Channel 860) later this year.
Brick Slaves (starring Vincent Wong) is currently airing on TVB First On Demand (StarHub TV Channel 860).
Momentary Lapse of Reason (starring Rosina Lam) will premiere on TVB First On Demand (StarHub TV Channel 860) on Aug 31.

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