Linda Chung implicitly admits pregnancy

Actress says she won’t quit entertainment industry


Photos: PBE Media

Hong Kong actress Linda Chung, 31, implicitly admitted she was pregnant, after her sudden marriage to her beau, Jeremy, fueled rumours that they were expecting.

At her wedding in Vancouver, Linda said, “It’s a Chinese custom to avoid discussing this, just in case anything untoward happens, so we won’t talk about baby matters, and we’ll announce news when it’s appropriate.”

The actress disagreed that her wedding was a flash marriage, saying, “We’ve known each other for 10 months now, so this isn’t a sudden marriage.”


She added she has no plans to leave the entertainment industry because she is still under contract with Hong Kong’s TVB network. Linda said she would be releasing a new record this year, and her husband would return to Hong Kong more often to spend time with her.

The actress announced on Weibo on February 24 that she was marrying Jeremy. On February 27 at about 2 p.m. in Vancouver, the couple made their appearance outside their home. Jeremy appeared uncomfortable with the intense media attention, so Linda held his hand and led him into their wedding venue.


At about 3 p.m., Jeremy, Linda and her close friends Leanne Li, Grace Wong, Eliza Sam and Christine Kuo stood together to have their photos taken.

The media present asked Jeremy to kiss Linda for the camera and he bashfully obliged twice, but after receiving a third request he said, “OK, thank you, bye bye,” walked away and left Linda to handle the reporters herself.

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