Linda Chung made clean break with Philip Ng prior to wedding

Actress returned their dog to ex before flying to Canada


Photos: PBE Media

Hong Kong actress Linda Chung, 31, reportedly gave Emme, the dog she had reared together with former beau Philip Ng, back to the 38-year-old actor and martial artist before she left for Canada in late January.

The actress married Jeremy, a chiropractor from Vancouver, on February 27. She dated Philip for close to eight years until August 2015.

Philip is reportedly taking Linda’s recent marriage really hard. According to Hong Kong media, the actor can’t escape from the constant barrage of headlines on Linda’s nuptials, and he shuts himself at home, staring at his dog and missing Linda.

Last week Philip was seen passing by a mall near his apartment, and he kicked a glass door in frustration. But when he noticed he was being watched he appeared stunned, and he forced a smile.

Linda is rumoured to be pregnant and due in October. Though she had previously denied she would quit the entertainment industry after she becomes a mother, sources say she has given up on the business.

And after she found out about her pregnancy, she applied for leave from Hong Kong’s TVB network until July, but her October due date means she won’t be in Hong Kong for a long time. Sources add the actress will work on terminating her contract with TVB after she gives birth.

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