Linda Chung to marry beau in 3 days in Vancouver

Actress stuns with flash marriage


Hong Kong-based actress Linda Chung, 31, is getting married on February 27 in Vancouver to her beau, who’s not in the entertainment industry.

Actresses Leanne Li, Grace Wong and Eliza Sam reportedly flew to the Canadian city today to prepare for their role as Linda’s bridesmaids. Rumours that Linda is pregnant could not be confirmed.

Linda dated Hong Kong actor and martial artist Philip Ng starting 2008, but they split up early last year because he had no intention of tying the knot.

According to sources, a heartbroken Linda then returned to Vancouver, where she met her soon-to-be husband through Eliza. He proposed after just a few months of dating, and she said yes.

In a Weibo post today, the actress confirmed she was marrying Jeremy, who hails from Vancouver. She called him her Mr Right, and wrote, "Since we met I discovered we share the same values and beliefs." She also praised Jeremy for being mature, loving, pious and thoughtful.


Since her upcoming nuptials were confirmed, Linda has been absent in Hong Kong. The last media appearance she made was on Valentine’s Day, when she headed to the US with actor Ruco Chan. Even after her new drama series K9 Cop debuted, Linda was not involved in promoting it, likely because she was busy with her wedding.

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