Linda Chung unveils self-penned single ‘I’m Married’

Actress thanks friends, fans, the media after wedding ended


Photos: PBE Media

Hong Kong actress Linda Chung, 31, shared on Weibo the song she had composed to celebrate her February 27 wedding to Jeremy, a chiropractor from Vancouver.

The lyrics of ‘I’m Married’ were written by Hong Kong comedian Wong Cho-lam, 36, and husband of Linda’s friend Leanne Li.

Two days after her wedding, Linda wrote on Weibo: “The wedding party was a success! Thanks to all the media, viewers and fans for your love, and thanks to all the reporters for being cooperative. You’ve worked hard!”

“I promised to share my self-composed song ‘I’m Married’ on Weibo with everybody, and I hope you will like it! My new chapter in life begins…”


While making a speech with Jeremy during her wedding, Linda teared as she thanked both their parents. The actress said her in-laws treat her as their own and she gets along well with Jeremy’s mother, so she feels fortunate.

Grace Wong posted a photo on Instagram yesterday showing Linda, Linda’s mother and a group of the actress’s friends enjoying afternoon tea at a mall during a shopping trip.

The TVB actress praised Linda for not abandoning her friends in favour of her new husband.

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