Linda Chung wants 4 children with new husband

Actress has no honeymoon plans yet


Photos: PBE Media

Hong Kong actress Linda Chung, 31, said she wants to have four children with her new husband, Jeremy, a chiropractor from Vancouver.

“I plan to have four children, is that a surprise?” she said. “This is my husband’s idea, but I will go along with it.”


The pair wed in Vancouver on February 27 in what the media dubbed a flash marriage, though the actress didn’t agree with the term.

During an interview, Linda said it was her sister who introduced Jeremy to her. “Because of him, I believe there is destiny in this world,” she said. “I had known him for just four days when I became sure he would be my husband, and he felt the same about me.”


“It was a long-distance relationship, and every time we met up we had to part, it was difficult,” she went on. “So he thought, why wait? Since we’re both sure of each other, why don’t we hurry?” Linda added she had wanted to marry since last September, but her workload caused a delay in the nuptials.

The actress let on that Jeremy had planned a sweet proposal in Vancouver, but the process was comical. She said she had no plans for a honeymoon yet, and she would stay in Vancouver after the wedding to experience life as a newlywed.


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