Linda Chung: Yes, I’m going to be a mother

The actress made the announcement on Mother’s Day


It’s official, Linda Chung is expecting: the 32-year-old shared the good news on Mother’s Day yesterday, and uploaded a picture with her using her hands to make a heart shape above her belly. In the picture, Linda is dressed in a loose white shirt, with no obvious changes to her body.

Linda showed her excitement in her caption, where she wrote, “Soon, I will enter the next stage of life: becoming a mother!”

The actress also wrote, “I’m anticipating [the arrival of my baby] and am very happy. The feeling when two hearts join together is extremely wonderful. [I] wonder how will next year’s Mother’s Day be like?”

Once news of her pregnancy got out, fans started sending their blessings to the happy couple, leaving comments like, “Congratulations my darling Linda on becoming a mother” and “You’ll probably be spending your next Mother’s Day hugging the baby you’re currently pregnant with!”

Linda’s friends, Eliza Sam and Grace Wong also expressed their happiness when the media asked them about Linda’s pregnancy. The two actresses also hoped to be able to fly to Canada to visit her, and shared that they did not mind taking turns to care for the baby.

According to reports, Linda is currently 6 months pregnant, with her expected due date in August. The TVB actress married chiropractor Jeremy in a flash wedding in Vancouver late last year and the couple held their wedding ceremony in February this year, where Linda implicitly admitted that she was pregnant.

Photos: PBE Media

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