Lisa S. & Daniel Wu trying for a son

The proud mom shared anecdotes of her cheeky two-year-old daughter but confessed her husband is hoping for another child

Lisa S. & Daniel Wu trying for a son

American model Lisa S. (Lisa Selesner) and Hong Kong actor Daniel Wu welcomed their first child, daughter Raven Wu two years ago but admitted that they are trying for another one.

Lisa, who went to China early this year to further her career recently attended an event after resting for nine months and shared anecdotes of her cheeky two-year-old while admitting that it felt strange being back in front of the cameras.

While Raven has just turned two, Lisa quipped that her daughter feels 40 instead as she has started to speak up for herself and share what she does not want to do. While the proud mom classifies her daughter as a generally well-behaved child, she enjoys doing the exact opposite of what she is taught.

Parenting might be frustrating for the first-time parents but Lisa and Daniel have come to a consensus not to lose their temper in front of Raven – regardless of how disobedient she gets or even if she starts crying.

Lisa S. & Daniel Wu trying for a son

Sharing more of the interesting things the toddler has done, Lisa chuckled, “She turned over the food packet I opened (yesterday) morning and dirtied the entire floor. (While) she found it funny, I said I was so angry that I wanted her to leave.”

The jet-setting family has yet to decide if Raven will enter preschool in Hong Kong or in the United States, but shared that they would come to a decision when she turns four. As to whether Daniel worries over the princess of the family, she laughed, “He will until the world comes to an end.”

Adding that the couple is currently trying for baby number two, the 40-year-old admitted that age is against her and although her husband would love to have a son, they’ll have to leave it up to fate. Regardless of whether they are successful, she stressed she will continue with her career.

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