Little Tigers reunited at Nicky Wu’s wedding

Chang Hsiao-yen thanked Cecilia Liu for making the reunion happen


Photos: PBE Media

The boyband, who broke up in 1995, were rumoured to reunite for a 25th anniversary concert in 2013. However, the plans fell through due to a disagreement about performance fees.

It was revealed that the performance fees for each of the Little Tigers were different, with Nicky Wu receiving NT$4 million (approximately S$160,000), Alec Su receiving NT$3.5 million (S$140,000) and Julian Chen receiving NT$1 million (S$42,000). The discrepancy angered Julian, who subsequently fell out with the members.

However, Julian made a 24 hour roundtrip from China to Bali to attend Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu’s ‘wedding of the century’ as one of Nicky’s groomsmen, dispelling rumours of a complete fall-out.


Chang Hsiao-yen, the mentor of Little Tigers, caused the three members to tear when she thanked Cecilia for marrying Nicky and for making this “reunion between me and Little Tigers” happen.

“28 years ago, the three of them started out as children who loved to sing, and they’ve never looked back since then. It hasn’t been easy for them, and it’s been [a] moving [journey]. Luckily, the Little Tigers have more or less lived on in everyone’s memories, and because of that, it has been worth the struggle,” Hsiao-yen continued.

However, when the band’s former manager Miao Xiu Li, who was present at the wedding, was asked if there was a chance of the band reuniting, she said, “We have been preparing for the wedding, and there was no time to discuss this.”


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