Little Tigers to meet again in May

The trio might be reunited on stage at Julian Chen’s concert


Photos: PBE Media

When asked about future plans for the Little Tigers to reunite, Alec Su let slip that the members will be meeting again on May 21.

Alec and Julian Chen first attended Nicky Wu’s wedding on March 20, to the joy of fans who were hoping for the band to reunite and perform again. While at the wedding, the band sang ‘What’s Your Name’, the song that propelled them to fame, outside the bridal room, and even took a couple of selfies after that.

Recently, Alec Su let slip during an interview for The Left Ear, a movie directed by him, that the band might be meeting again on May 21, as Julian has a concert on that day.

“I told him that I set aside the whole day for him.” Alec said.

He continued on to confirm his attendance for Julian’s concert, saying, “ I’ll definitely go on that day, but we’ll have to see if Nicky is free then, so we can meet again.

Alec also spoke up regarding the comments that Nicky’s marriage was after a long period of struggles, saying, “[Nicky’s journey] was not as bumpy [as you think], it was not easy for all of us. There are some stories that you know, and some that you don’t. Do you think Julian had it easy? I didn’t have it easy as well!”


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