Liza Wang reportedly upset with TVB Awards loss

Veteran actress came in third in popular vote

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Hong Kong actress Liza Wang, 68, is reportedly upset that she didn’t win the Best Actress award at the recent TV Awards Presentation of TVB, more commonly known as the TVB Anniversary Awards.

The screen veteran came in third behind Nancy Wu and Kristal Tin.

After the awards ceremony, she appeared in low spirits. And even though her loyal fans were waiting for her outside the venue, she only accepted a bouquet through her car window and didn’t stop to chat with her supporters.

Liza’s husband, actor Law Kar-ying, 69, consoled her via Weibo with a message that read: “Please don’t mind this, Ms Wang. Nancy Wu acted well and if the company wants to give the younger actors more opportunities, that’s understandable. Anyway, it wouldn’t matter much to you to win yet another award.”

On Sunday, Liza wrote on Weibo, “I respect the company’s decision, and congratulations to all the winners. Let’s work hard!”

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But when the inner workings of how the awards were bestowed came to light, Liza’s fans thought the actress had been unfairly treated.

The winners were to have been decided by audience votes and a judging panel in a 50–50 proportion. But when the votes came in too close to call and the judges disagreed among themselves, TVB decided to go with democracy and let viewers pick their winners.

Liza was the firm favourite to win the Best Actress category, but Nancy and Kristal pulled ahead in votes. Nancy won with close to 20,000 votes, barely a thousand more than first runner-up Kristal.

Together with Adam Cheng and Jerry Lamb, Liza won the Best Host award for the music variety programme Sunday Songbird.

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