Lollipop F’s Owodog says he has the right to unilaterally terminate contract

Singer denies charges that he cost Eric Tsang’s agency to lose NT$50 million

Eric Tsang, Owodog

Owodog, a member of the Taiwanese boyband Lollipop F, explained on Facebook that he had the right to unilaterally terminate his contract with Eric Tsang’s A Entertainment management agency, according to civil law.

Last night he wrote an essay of a Facebook post explaining how A Entertainment secretly accepted commission for his engagements, causing misunderstandings between him and his work partners.

Owodog also denied he had refused to accept 13 projects that A Entertainment had assigned, saying he has always maintained a good relationship with his manager and he had fulfilled the projects he had on hand, and did not cause the company to lose NT$50 million (approximately S$2.16 million) as it claimed.

Hong Kong actor, host and comedian Eric Tsang was reportedly furious that Owodog had unilaterally terminated his contract with Eric’s agency, A Entertainment, in June.

The agency announced on November 11 that it would sue Owodog for breach of contract and damaging the company’s reputation.

Owodog, 33, has also been negotiating new work projects in his own capacity, reportedly enraging the usually good-tempered Eric, 62.

According to A Entertainment, Owodog still has contractual obligations with the company, and entities engaging Owodog directly will be warned. The agency also called Owodog’s move void and immoral.

Eric Tsang, Lollipop

Owodog (real name Chuang Hao-Chuan) said his displeasure with A Entertainment stemmed from his discovery of their “untruthful activities,” which caused him to lose faith in the agency. Financial disputes were reportedly the cause of his wanting to leave A Entertainment.

Staff who have worked with Owodog attested to his diva behaviour, and revealed that his mother was a constant source of frustration. She reportedly called A Entertainment frequently to request updates on its finances.

And while Owodog was recording episodes of Taiwanese entertainment news programme 100% Entertainment, she would demand detailed information on when the episodes were airing and how much Owodog would be paid.

Lollipop F switched to Eric’s agency, A Entertainment, in July 2013 after the band ended their contract with Gold Typhoon.

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