Luhan films reality show illegally in Taiwan

Singer works while holding tourist visa


Chinese singer and former EXO member Luhan, 26, has been exposed for filming a reality television show illegally in Taiwan — Luhan entered Taiwan on a tourist visa instead of a work permit to take part in a Chinese remake of South Korean reality show Off to School.

The show’s production team apologised for the mistake on Weibo early this morning and explained they had neglected to follow proper procedures because they were inexperienced.

Filming scheduled for today at Taipei’s Huagang Art School has been cancelled.

Taiwan’s National Immigration Agency said it would contact Luhan for an explanation. If it deems a breach of law has indeed occurred, Luhan will be stripped of his permit to enter Taiwan and forcibly deported or asked to leave the island within 10 days. The singer may also be barred from entering Taiwan for five years.

Luhan was supposed to spend six days and five nights in Taiwan working on the reality show, on which Wilber Pan, S.H.E.’s Ella Chen and Andy Zhang will also appear this season.

Yesterday morning, Luhan showed up at Huagang Art School in a school uniform, and more than a hundred fans gathered at the gate to catch a glimpse of him, with some booking vans to tail him throughout his time there.

Photos: PBE Media

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