Lynn Hung addresses Frankie Lam as ‘brother-in-law’

Model returns from Okinawa trip with beau Kwok Ho Chung

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Hong Kong–based model Lynn Hung, 35, returned from Okinawa on Sunday night with her boyfriend, Kwok Ho Chung, younger brother of former TVB actress Kenix Kwok.

On meeting Kenix’s husband, actor Frankie Lam, in the airport parking lot, Lynn followed Ho Chung’s example and addressed him as “brother-in-law,” a hint that the model has become a part of the Kwok family.

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The couple arrived in Hong Kong at about 7.45 p.m. and were met with media waiting for them. Lynn said the trip had been enjoyable, and she bought some souvenirs in Okinawa.

Reporters asked Ho Chung if he had given any gifts to Lynn, and he replied that he always did, but he wouldn’t elaborate on whether it was a wedding ring. Asked if his girlfriend deserved a score of 100, Ho Chung said, “She has always been 100.”

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Lynn said she would be heading overseas for work so she won’t be able to count down to the new year with Ho Chung, and she would spend Chinese New Year in her hometown of Nanjing, China, with her family. She added Ho Chung had met her family many times before.

The model is best known for her seven-year relationship with Cantopop Heavenly King Aaron Kwok, which began in 2006, and she started dating Kenix’s brother late last year.

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