Lynn Hung goes for guys with presence, not height

Statuesque beauty has gone through tough times for being tall


Hong Kong-based actress and model Lynn Hung, 35, is known for her connection to men significantly shorter than her 1.79-m frame — former flame Aaron Kwok, current boyfriend Kwok Ho Chung, and on-screen co-star Donnie Yen — but the statuesque beauty said a comparable height has never been one of her criteria for a partner.

“When it comes to boyfriends, I don’t care about height,” she said. “It’s mainly about presence — look at Ip Man when he stands beside his wife, he never gets overshadowed by her.”

The actress plays the spouse of the wing chun master in the latest installment of the franchise, Ip Man 3, now showing in theatres.

Lynn said her tall build held her back when she first joined the entertainment circuit, and she hit a slump in her career in 2012 when her father fell ill, the economy was bearish and she received fewer work invitations.

When she ran into directors or producers while attending events, Lynn said the other party would often look her from head to toe and say, “You’re so tall.”

“When I heard that, it meant I wouldn’t stand a chance, and it was hurtful,” the actress said. “They hadn’t even seen the shows I’d been in and they wrote me off just because of my height.”

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