Lynn Hung ready for married life

Actress wishes former love Aaron Kwok well


Hong Kong–based actress and model Lynn Hung, 35, said she’s ready for married life. Speaking about her current boyfriend, Kwok Ho Chung, brother of Hong Kong actress Kenix Kwok, Lynn added, “He’s brought me good fortune. Since we started dating, work projects keep coming in!”

If she had any good news to announce, she’d share it with everyone, she added.

Lynn also wished former beau Aaron Kwok, 50, well in his relationship with 27-year-old Shanghainese model Moka Fang. Asked whether she felt injustice that Aaron never went public with their seven-year relationship, Lynn said, “Actually I’ve never thought about that. I didn’t have any demands, so why rake up the past?”

While attending a media event yesterday in Taiwan for Ip Man 3, in which she plays the wife of the title character, Lynn said she shares a similar attitude towards relationships as Mrs Ip Man. “We both tend to be traditional, and we hope to be the supportive spouse,” she said. The actress added she prefers a decisive man.

Lynn dated Aaron until 2013 and began seeing Ho Chung in late 2014.

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