Madonna pulls Eason Chan onstage at Macau concert

Hong Kong singer’s appearance unplanned

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It’s Madonna’s custom to bring fans onstage near the end of her concerts, but on Saturday night in Macau the fan she called up turned out to be Hong Kong singer Eason Chan, 41.

Eason said he was chosen because he was dancing feverishly in the audience area and Madonna noticed him. The Queen of Pop was afraid the show was getting dull, so she got her staff to invite Eason onstage and liven up the atmosphere.

“Of course I was excited — it’s Madonna!” Eason said. “I understand that feeling of being afraid that fans are not responding well at a concert.”

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When he walked onstage, Madonna asked his name, and the crowd roared when he said, “I’m Eason.” She asked him if he was from Macau, and he said, “I’m from Hong Kong,” so it seemed Madonna had no idea who he was.

During his few minutes next to Madonna, Eason clowned around and worked the crowd, pretending to be a chicken, lying on the floor, singing and jumping, and falling over to make Madonna laugh. “I’ll do whatever you want me to,” he said to her.

Madonna rewarded Eason’s performance with a banana and even told him to give it a lick there and then. Eason appeared embarrassed, and he declined, saying his family was present. Madonna replied with a smile, “Take it home, you know what to do with it.”

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