Maggie Cheung’s health deteriorates due to heavy smoking

The Hong Kong actress was recently spotted visiting a heart specialist 

Maggie Cheung
Hong Kong actress Maggie Cheung was recently spotted visiting a heart specialist, due to her worsening respiratory problems caused by heavy smoking.

Last Thursday, Maggie was seen at a clinic in Central, Hong Kong, with the company of her elder sister and a female friend. The 50-year-old reportedly went through a series of check-up procedures including Electrocardiography, Cardiac Ultrasound and blood tests.

Nearly two hours later, the trio left the clinic and headed to take a puff in the alley. Dressed in sunglasses, a hat and scarf, Maggie, who appeared to have lost weight, shielded herself from the chilly wind by tightly wrapping her arms with her clothes.

A heavy smoker for over 30 years, Maggie has been spotted smoking in public on numerous occasions. Sources also claimed that the In the Mood for Love star used to consume one packet of cigarettes in an hour during the 90s. Although the acclaimed actress watches her diet and leads an active lifestyle, she has never thought of quitting smoking.

Maggie Cheung
As a result, Maggie suffers from chronic bronchitis which acts up during the colder seasons.

“Actually, she experiences shortness of breath and discomfort in her chest area whenever the season changes. She breaks out in cold sweat after walking for a short distance,” an insider revealed. “Even though the test reports are not out yet, the doctor has advised her to stop smoking as soon as possible.” 

Maggie Cheung

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