Maggie Chiang denies rumours of shotgun marriage

The 35-year-old made a shocking announcement of her marriage to a musician on her concert

Maggie Chiang denies rumours of shotgun marriage
Taiwanese singer Maggie Chiang announced on her concert held on Jan 17 that she is already wedded to her boyfriend of seven months but stressed that the flash marriage was not because she is pregnant.

The 35-year-old shared her joy with her fans after she performed her last song at the concert, revealing that she and her husband, Trevor, officially registered their marriage on Jan 14 but currently have no plans for their wedding ceremony.

Trevor, a renowned guitarist for singers like A-Mei and Ella, had met with Maggie last June at a music event in Malaysia. The two began dating on the terms of marriage and maintained a stable relationship. Trevor then proposed to Maggie after she saw a video he had made to commemorate their happy moments.

Singing diva Jolin Tsai also gave her blessings to her close friend Maggie.

“I’m shocked but happy that she is finally getting married! I wish that she would feel the bliss like she is being proposed to every day.”

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