Makiyo reminisces about her deceased mother

The 31-year-old celebrity shares old photos of her mother on her 65th birthday

Makiyo reminisces about her deceased mother

Taiwanese-based Japanese celebrity Makiyo was praised by netizens to be a filial daughter after she shared two photos of her deceased mother on her 65th birthday and left a sweet message on her Weibo that read: “Happy birthday my dearest mother! I love you and I hope that you are happy in heaven now.”

Netizens also encouraged the 31-year-old to live her life well as she is notorious for an incident in 2012 where she and her friends have beaten up a taxi driver when they were drunk.

Makiyo’s mother, who is known to dote on Makiyo the most out of her three children, had pleaded for forgiveness on her daughter’s behalf despite her ailing body condition from second-stage colon cancer.

She then undergone chemotherapy and kept her condition under control. Unfortunately, she met with a relapse in 2011 and her cancerous cells have spread to her lungs and brain.
In late December last year, Makiyo and her family prepared for the worst as doctors announced that her mother could only live for one more month. As Makiyo shared a strong bond with her mother, she stayed by her side and tended to her during her last days.

However, Makiyo’s mother lost her seven-year-long battle with cancer in January this year. When Makiyo had received news of her mother’s passing, she repeatedly broke into tears and was overwhelmed by sadness.

Yet, the 31-year-old remains positive and she promised at her mother’s funeral that she would stay strong and lead her life well in the future.

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