Makiyo sees her mother off in tears

The 31-year-old said she is regretful to have made her mother worry for her

Makiyo sees her mother off in tears
Taiwanese-based actress Makiyo said in tears that she felt ashamed and regretful that her mother worried for her the most while she was still alive. Makiyo’s mother lost her 7-year-long battle with cancer on Monday morning (Jan 12) at the age of 64.

On the day before she passed away, Makiyo’s mother seemingly had a premonition of her death. Though she constantly slipped in and out of consciousness after being admitted to the hospital for pneumonia for a couple of months, she was unusually active that afternoon. She even bade farewell and waved goodbye to her friends and relatives, leading Makiyo and her family to prepare for the worst.

At 7:29a.m. the next morning, Makiyo’s mother’s heartbeat fell rapidly and later left peacefully in her sleep at 7:40a.m.

Previously, Makiyo became notoriously famous for an incident in 2012 where she had beaten up a taxi driver while she was drunk. The 31-year-old’s reputation plummeted quickly and her career as a celebrity was in jeopardy.

Being the third and youngest in the family, Makiyo’s mother doted on her and she also showed her immense love for her daughter when she was in trouble. Despite already diagnosed with fourth stage lung cancer and in her bad health condition at that time, Makiyo’s mother met up personally with the driver and his family to express her sincerest apology on behalf of her daughter, hoping it could help to minimise the impact of Makiyo’s mistake.

Makiyo and her second sister met with the media yesterday to express their words for their deceased mother. The actress could not contain her longing for her mother and repeatedly broke into tears.

Makiyo sees her mother off in tears
Makiyo said to the media that while her mother was alive, she always loved and took care of Makiyo the most out of her three children. Makiyo also added that she had asked for her mother’s forgiveness for her worrying ways and had promised that she would work hard in the future and live well, hoping that her mother would not have to worry about her anymore.

Makiyo’s mother is said to have purchased a niche before she passed away. Her funeral is slated to take place on either Jan 28 or Jan 31, after which she would be cremated and her remains placed in a columbarium located at the Wanli district of New Taipei City as according to her wishes.

Makiyo sees her mother off in tears

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