Makiyo spotted drinking after swearing off alcohol

The actress-host was seen drunk at a friend’s wedding and her mother says it is her way to de-stress

Makiyo spotted drinking after swearing off alcohol 1

Taiwanese-based Japanese actress Makiyo was recently spotted drunk at a friend’s wedding banquet even though she swore off alcohol two years ago. She and her then-boyfriend had beaten up a taxi driver in their drunken stupor, causing her reputation to nosedive.

This time, Makiyo, who was reportedly drunk by the second dish, was heard shouting, “The alcohol was all wiped out by those at our table.”

She was wobbly when she made her way down from the stage after saying her congratulatory speech. Makiyo also had to be supported by a friend, who helped hail a cab and buckled her seat belt, when the banquet ended.

Makiyo spotted drinking after swearing off alcohol 2

Responding to how she broke her “alcohol ban”, the 30-year-old said, “I already broke the ban this March during my mother’s birthday celebration. I can better control myself now but my alcohol tolerance has dropped from a bottle of wine previously to just three glasses now.”

Makiyo, who has been under much pressure ever since her mother was diagnosed with brain and lung cancer, drank because of the joyous occasion. She revealed that her mother has given up on chemotherapy as it is too torturous.

Medical bills and daily expenses amounting to $NT$200,000 (approximately S$8,200) every month have taken a toll on the actress-host as she shared, “We used to collect rent from a suite but it is now being loaned to the bank. I don’t know the exact figures but we are still able to get by. I just hope that my mum will recover soon.”

Yesterday, Makiyo’s mother disclosed that she is now unable to sit or stand for long as the cancer cells have spread to her brain, causing her to sweat and become breathless easily.

She added, “Please leave Makiyo alone. Her job is unstable and chemotherapy costs a lot. She drank because she is under too much pressure.”

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